V . I . C . S ., LLC

  Maximum Productivity
  • Consistent use of shortcut keys facilitates fast and efficient operation.
  Flexible Configuration
  • Tailor each module to your business, without custom programming.
  Full Security
  • Ensures the privacy and integrity of your data. Controlled by functional area and user.
  Scalable Architecture
  • The IBM RS6000 family with SMP capability is designed for expansion as you grow.
  Rich Reporting
  • Countless permutations of standard reports through the use of flexible sorting and filtering options.
  • Program development since 1982 assures you of extensive tools and features in an environment of proven stability.
  Terminal Connectivity
  • TCP/IP and serial connections make use of your PC's running Windows, Win95, DOS or non-intelligent "green screen" terminals.
  Other features
  • Broadcast Messaging, Complete audit trail of transactions and system setup changes, Desktop tools, Remote Access, and more!

Vertical Integrated Computer Systems, LLC

The VICS "MBA" Solution

VICS would like to introduce "Metropolis Business Accounting" (MBA) , a fully integrated wholesale distribution system with a generic wholesale/distribution interface and specialized interfaces designed specifically for the sportswear distribution industry, veterinary systems, ball bearing wholesalers, cap wholesalers, and many more. We also design specialized interfaces for industries for which there are no off-the-shelf solutions available. VICS has been developing distribution management and accounting software since 1982, with over 1,700 installations to date. We are the sole source for your total solution. Our professional staff provides consulting services, software, customization, hardware, installation, data conversion, setup, training, telephone and modem support.m

More than Technology . . . Industry Expertise. This is not a "one size fits all" package. We have provided the sportswear distribution industry with focused solutions for over 20 years. The sizing, units of measure, purchasing, shipping, and other features unique to your industry are already built into our system. Our programmers and technical assistance personnel understand your business and your specialized requirements.

MBA - Total module integration. Accounting functions are streamlined and provide you with accurate information from a system with proven integrity. Seamless integration of your enterprise functions: from purchasing, to sales, to order entry, to shipping, to management information systems and website interfaces. The VICS MBA solution puts you in complete control and gives you timely information to make strategic business decisions.

Robust Systems - Common sense features allow your personnel to spend more time performing income-generating activities. With one keystroke prospects become customers, you can check the inventory for all colors of a particular style, check pricing and price breaks for all colors, or jump to an entirely different module. Pop-up menus, pop-up selections, and help screens make MBA efficient to use and easy to learn.

Effective Technology - The MBA Systems use the IBM RS/6000 server which is the #1 commercial UNIX platform. Our high performance Metropolis database and 4GL language means cost effective high speed processing for you high transaction environment. Standard, open interfaces make it easy to integrate productes like VSI Fax and e-commerce sites to leverage existing systems. Like most proven successful commercial systems, VICS uses a blend of open and proprietary technology to deliver high quality and high performance results. As technology is ever changing, our objective is to blend the most current proven products and methods into our development.

The VICS MBA solution will give you the tools to make informed decisions and concentrate on growing your business, instead of system management. Our systems are proven. Our experienced staff will provide common sense solutions and our future developments will assure you of being at the forefront; year after year.

"The premier operational and financial system for the distribution industry"